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At Arcwerks, we feel strongly in the development of recent graduates as they enter the field of architecture and in particular, our office.

Professionally, we have a responsibility to train the emerging professional in the skills and processes that are used on a daily basis: To expose them to the realities of practicing architecture, the liabilities we face as architects and how to deal with these issues in a professional and ethical manner.

Why Work at Arcwerks?

Small offices are the perfect training ground. Our office culture exposes and involves the emerging professional in all aspects of the architecture business while maintaining a certain amount of flexibility and an informal atmosphere. We are a team!

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The Emerging Professional Commitment

In addition to daily life in the office, becoming an architect is hard work, requiring personal effort and dedication. At Arcwerks, we expect our emerging professionals to be committed to this process and to do his/her part on behalf of their career.

NCARB – Architectural Experience Program

We require the emerging professional to set up their NCARB file and begin documenting their work experience, starting from initial entry into the Arcwerks office and continuing as they work towards licensure.

AIA – Community Involvement

We encourage membership and involvement in the AIA. The Arcwerks team participates in AIA Ft. Lauderdale events.

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Ready to join the team at Arcwerks?

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